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Is he 3 already??

Late at night the new mom lay on her bed , restless and unable to sleep. On the convertible couch bed in the room , her hubby slumped into exhausted sleep.

The new baby, born just 15 hours ago was restless too- crying over and over again. Every time the nurse would come in soothe the baby and the mom, and try to get them back to sleep.

Once again the little lungs let out their surprisingly loud yell-cry… As soon as the nurse came in this time, the mum gingerly half-stood up on her aching legs, supporting her squishy aching belly and all the aching bits in between … The nurse asked

‘Shall I take him to the nursery so you can get some sleep, he seems very restless… We can give him a bottle and rock him to sleep there.’

The new mum, who hadn’t read any parenting blogs and theories yet, (something that was to become an obsession in the weeks, months and years to come…) held out her arms and shook her head.

‘No, ‘ she whispered, ‘give him to me’.

Nervously, she held the little bundle and placed him next to her on the narrow hospital bed. For the first time that night, the baby sighed contentedly and was quiet. The mum lay down, curling around the little baby feeling his warmth, scared about crushing/ kicking the new baby.The nurse smiled.

‘You both will sleep well now,’ she said giving her a smile and a thumbs-up, as she gently closed the door behind her.

And they did. Slept peacefully and comfortably cuddled together. Slowly breathing each other in and learning each other’s rhythm … The awareness and cementing of a beautiful and deep bond that will hold for life iA.

Three years to the day, they still go to sleep cuddled up breathing each other in… Still learning each other’s rhythms. The mom is a parenting-blog-a-holic now and knows her c.i.o’s from her r.i.e’s. She has ignored every advice ‘against’ and embraced every opinion thats ‘for’ hugging her baby to sleep.

(She’s amazed at how u can always find a bit of official sounding parenting advice to support whatever u want to do with your child!)

The not-so-little one now clambers and climbs and wriggles and twists and turns and talks in his sleep–shoving his foot in her face or wrapping his body across her face so she can’t breathe or ramming his head into her belly…. and she has restless nights.

Each night when she’s kicked and shoved awake, in her mind there is a nurse standing asking her ‘Shall I take him to the nursery so you can get some sleep?’ , and every night, she shakes her head whispering ‘No,’ and holds out her arms.

She can’t imagine it otherwise. He’s three already, in the blink of an eye… All too soon his growing body won’t fit into her arms anymore. MaShaAllah. She wants him here, close to her for as long as she possibly can.

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