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Can you relate to this?

I find it so amazing how when my son gets hurt playing – a scrape on his shin/elbow/knee or even a cut on his lip – he comes toddling and crying to me; ‘mama, make it ok’. All I do is hold the hurt body-part, caress it a little, kiss it and blow on it… phooo….

And off he goes smiling, back to his game. As if the scraped knee/cut lip has healed completely, even when the cut/scrape is still visible. Sometimes there’s even a bit of blood still oozing out.

Subhan Allah.

How does that happen? I mean I know I haven’t applied any ointment/pain killer – nothing. But it seems to work. Is it just psychological? Or is it another little secret between the Almighty and babies? Is a mother’s kiss really healing?

This unquestioning trust and faith they have in our ability to ‘fix’ things – and our miraculous ability to actually make a difference with nothing but our own breath is awesome.

It’s such an immense feeling.

Alhamdulillah. Feeling blessed being a mother.

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