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Ramadan Tips

15 days to go ….. Starting my Ramadan preparations.

For mothers – whether they are working outside the home or not – the challenges are immense. Ramadan needs to be planned around our children, families and daily chores, while making sure that our Ibadah is not compromised and out imaan-level remains high.

My top 2 tips:

For mothers working outside the house

  • invitations to corporate iftars and ramadan-tents with office colleagues: AVOID if you can. In my experience, these have just been a distraction. Ususally the arrangements for salah are not adequate and we find ourselves rushing through. Plus we get completely fatigued for taraweeh/isha.
  • We are blessed to be in a country that has Ramadan timings – make use of them. Do NOT be pressurized into spending more time at work just because non-fasting colleagues are staying regular hours.

For mothers at home

  • Harsh as it may sound – we must put our Ibadah first – before the needs of our children and families. For mothers , sacrificing their own needs for their children becomes a habit and a second nature. While this may be ok when personal needs are about something else…. when it comes to Ibadah during Ramadan, ladies we should steel ourselves a little bit. (and this is mostly advice to myself!)
  • Dhikr and Dua is something we can do at all times – even when busy with baby and home related chores. Must remember to keep our spiritual connect strong even when we are unable to ‘physically’ engage in active worship.

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