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Duaa for my Child

I read the news and watch the chaos in the world around with a heavy heart. The Muslim ummah disunited and killing each other over worldly wealth and power.

And I fear

Not poverty, as much as I fear wealth
Not powerlessness as much as I fear being in a position of worldly power
For wealth seems to corrupt hearts. The greed for more and more makes us act in ways we will surely regret on the day of the final reckoning.
And the blood-lust for power makes us lose our honor and turns us into shameful scheming murderers.

My duaa for my child

Ya Ar-razzak, you are the giver of sustenance.

Do not test my child with abundance and wealth until his heart is firm, incorruptible and immune to greed.

Ya Al Hadi, you are the true guide.

Please don’t let my child be misguided by the trappings of worldly power. Please don’t test him with the responsibility of power until his heart has learnt humility and meekness.

Ya Al Alim, you are the knower of all.

You know the intent of my heart better than I can express in words. A mother’s heart cannot but wish the ‘best’ for her child. Please refrain me for asking you (for him) something of this duniya that may compromise his aakhirah.

I beseech you to bless him with humility and contentment.

Please don’t let my child forget, for even a second, that Allah is always watching and always hearing.


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  • Mädheehä Shanavas

    Ameen to the Duas !!! I love this post …every mother’s dua for their child has been beautifully written here….

    • Nusrath Xcuv

      Thank you Madheeha. May Allah bless all our children.

  • Nusrath