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Late one Night …

Time 1:00 am
My son: mama wake up, wake up
Me: grumble mumble
My son: mama, I’m thirsty
Me: *handing him water in mid seep*
My son: no mama, wake up. I want strawberry milk
Me: huh, grumble mumble
My son: wake up wake up mama, I’m thirsteeee
Me: ok sweetie I’ll get some for u
My son: no I wanna get it
Me (delighted): sure, u get it ( already drifting back to sleep
My son: wake up mama.mama.mama.mama
Me: umm hmm
My son: mama, u come too. We go together
Me: ok … Sigh..
My son: mama i press the button (microwave button)
( he is the self-appointed button presser of the house. Any button that has to be pressed in the house MUST be pressed by him)
Me : *grumble stumble*
Stumble to kitchen- pour milk-hand him glass-take glass from him put it in microwave-he presses start and then stop-take glass out-trudge back to bedroom-hold up glass and straw while he finishes drink-Lean over to put glass on bedside table
He is already asleep by the time I turn back.
Gush of motherly love
Lean over to gently kiss him … Aww my sweet baby… My angel

My son: don’t disturb me, sleep mama,it’s night outside

Time 1:45 am
My son: heavy breathing- *fast asleep*
Me: *toss-turn-close eyes- open eyes*
(repeat untill fajr)

Oh, The joys !

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