About Bismillah Babies

    Bismillah Babies is an organization that works to cultivate a love for Islam in children’s hearts. We aim to teach kids about the core values of Islam and introduce them to The Quran in a fun and engaging manner.

    Our Aim

  • Concepts of Islam

    To give our children a deep understanding of the basic concepts of Islam by introducing these concepts to them in a fun and engaging manner.

  • Community of Muslim Mothers

    To build a strong network and support community of muslim mothers. Where mums can share their concerns, successes and tips with other mums. 

  • Peer Group of Children

    To create a close knit peer group for our children with whom they can share and celebrate their achievements like their first fast, completing Juz Amma and other milestones.

  • What We Do

    We conduct Islamic themed playdates that include stories, songs and crafts for children between the ages of 0-9 years. Age appropriate themes are carefully selected and cross-referenced with relevant Quranic verses and Hadith. These sessions are prepared with thorough research and conducted in an engaging manner.

Get in touch

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Meet our Team


Mum S

The founder of the group, mum S was the fortunate one struck by inspiration that fateful Friday morning. Active and always looking for a moral excuse to get out of doing house-work or even staying at home, Bismillah Babies proved the perfect venue for her to put her many talents to good use.

An architect/lighting designer by profession and an MBA graduate from a fancy B-school, she hopes to grow Bismillah Babies into the next best thing since sliced bread. In Sha Allah.


Mum T

Roped in as the founding member of Bismillah Babies, T quickly started working to expand the group lest she be stuck with mum S alone. Often heard humming spontaneous lyrical masterpieces like ‘kabab and rice, is very very nice’, She soon assumed the role of chief song-writer and is behind most of the BB chart-topping hits.

A pediatrician by profession, she often hums her prescriptions out to her patients.


Mum M

The evergreen, ever-reliable mum M adds her musical melodious genius to the otherwise tone deaf group. The rest of us, well intentioned though we are, manage to massacre most of her melodious compositions.

An accountant by degree, she hopes to assume responsibilities of and manage the BB books, as soon as we have some books to manage – pretty colourful books we hope. Meanwhile she makes stunning cakes, does meticulous crafty stuff while balancing a child in each arm.


Mum N

A working mum of two, mum N is our link to the outside world. A media guru, she adds glamour to our world with her tales of fancy media invites and events. She is well connected with the glitterati of Dubai. She is also responsible for introducing lighthearted topics like world-politics into our daily discussions while we debate heatedly about critical issues like whether to use crepe or chart paper for the next craft.

She also runs the baby play-dates while casually munching on luxury prunes.